Month: April 2015

A few months ago I created an application investigation for my students involving logarithms in which one of the areas focused on earthquakes and the Richter scale. Students researched several earthquakes and saw the effects that differing sizes made on an area. Recently, my principal sent me this article about Nepal’s earthquake and again highlighted how much bigger […]

A couple weeks ago, I was planning for our last unit in geometry which is 3 dimensional solids, and as I was measuring nets and counting vertices, edges, and faces, I suddenly realized I was really bored. If I was bored, my students definitely would be! I knew I needed to amp up my curriculum to still […]

Last week, I Skyped with an educator who works as the Director of Instruction and Technology for the Solon Community Schools, Matt Townsley. After reading his blog, I was intrigued to find out more about SBG and somehow he must have either found out that I linked him on my post (Thoughts That Keep Me […]

Now that the NCAA basketball tournament is over and sadly my pick of UK lost (my dad went to UK so don’t think that I just jumped on the bandwagon this year), I started thinking about how I could apply math to the tournament. To celebrate the beginning of March Madness, we played “trashketball” one […]